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FINCA  La Roca de Bachué


Finca in Colombia, 30 km from Bogota City and 35 km from the airport. Our home in Colombia is this lovely ecological castle which is totally self-sufficient in electricity and water supply. This means that you may not have at every time all the luxuries of modern life. You have to be ready to spend the evening with only candle light! And sometimes even without wifi! In spite of being near Bogota and the airport we can guarantee you a fantastic nature experience away from cars and the noise of the city.

You will be treated like a friend of the family if you decide to visit our house and our kind and friendly employees.

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PBachue paisaje int
Bachue sala 1int
Bachue rincon int
Bachue piedras int
Casa zoom int
Casa descriopcion
Bachue pavillon int
Bachue paisaje 1 int
Bachue fachada int
Bachue cava int
Bachue entrada int
Bachue casa int
Bachue caballos int
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Bachue caballo casa
Bachue Fachada 3 int
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