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Surrounded by the Andean Jungle, this spectacular property

lies high up in the middle of a truly enchanting area of natural beauty. Rolling luscious green hills stretch beyond the windows from almost every room and terrace. Though set in a location that seems remote from civilisation, you can reach the outskirts of Bogota from the 200ha Finca in approximately one hour.


The sumptuously decorated interior and carefully selected furnishings contrast the beautiful and untamed wilderness outside. Orchids, Colibris and sometimes even a sloth, can be spotted by the eager nature-lover who ventures outside of the imposing façade of the Finca.


Should you wish to gain more of an insight into the area around the Finca, William can be your trusty guide. If walking becomes too tiring, he can also show you around with one of the two Land rovers that are on site (if he is not too busy with the farm).


If you are a keen horse rider you can also rent one of our five beloved horses and enjoy the amazing views while being guided by one of the on-hand helpers from our farm. This unique nature reserve is particularly suitable at the beginning or the end of a Colombian trip as it is conveniently situated in relation to Bogota and the airport.


The house welcomes 10-12 People for the time being.


We would like to remind you that the Finca can only be used for holiday purposes and is designed for 10-12 persons. STRICTLY NO PARTIES ALLOWED. For consideration of local residents, we ask you to comply with the contractual clause. The owner declines all liability particularly for riding and any other accidents which can happen anywhere worldwide.

For more informations or reservations please contact:
Camilo Cuéllar

+57 310 2525 985


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